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Atari 815 Disk DrivesAtari 815 dual, dbl density floppy drive, Nov 3, 2015 mtg. Very Rare, Bob W.
3 Atari Computers 3 Atari computers brought to Dec. 1, 2015 mtg, two Atari 800, 1 Atari 130XE

Who We Are

We are the San Leandro Computer Club. Started in 1983 as an Atari 800 Computer User Group. We are one of the older, continuing computer user groups in the Bay Area. We meet at the San Leandro Public Library, 300 Estudillo Ave, San Leandro, California, on the first Tuesday of the month, at 7pm.

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Atari 800 and Joystick
Atari 800 brought to the Dec. 6, 2011 Mtg.

Group Selphie Sep 2015
Atari 1200, brought to the May 6, 2014 Mtg.
Atari 800
Selfie from the
Sept. 1, 2015 Mtg





Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, March, 7, 2017, from 7-8 pm at the San Leandro Public Library, 300 Estudillo Ave., San Leandro, CA 94577. We should be reviewing recently-scanned older SLCC Newsletters. Contact Robbie Bridges to confirm you're coming.


A member (Don S.) uploaded part of a 1994 SLCC Journal Newsletter. Transport yourself back, over 20 years ago. See also, the 1st couple pages of our Oct. 1985 Edition (pg 1, pg 2 requires FB login)

Recent Meeting Notes

February, 2017 - Robbie heard from Library that there was no power, so he advised the group and we will reconvene, same time, same place next month.

January, 2017 - Library closed for maintenance (see library web site from Dec 19, 2016-Jan 22, 2017. So we'll skip January's meeting. Everyone's being phone and e-mailed. See you all next month.

December, 2016 - Nice turnout, Kevin, Bob W, Robbie, Jim, Tom. Bob brought two boxes of SLCC Newsletters from 1985 to the middle 90s. Kevin hopes to scan them... a big job! Bob W. informed that there is another Vintage Computer Show West planned in 2017. Details to come. Photos from the mtg. on our Facebook page. Jim won our 3 TB USB door prize. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone, from SLCC!

November, 2016 - Kevin, Bob W., Robbie & female visitor (she won the logitech speaker door prize) attended. They discussed the Altirra Atari 8 bit emulator & several games, trying Pitfall, Choplifter and Pac-Man. We continue getting up to speed on Altirra. More Altirra, next month. Thank you, attendees and Happy Thanksgiving.

October, 2016 - Kevin, Bob W., Jim, Robbie & Bill attended. Bob W. demoed his Atari2go device (see photo on our Facebook Page). Kevin and Bill showed how to install and use the Altirra 2.80, Atari 8 Bit emulator on PC Laptops. Next month we will demo several Atari game favorites, using Altirra, which works quite well.

September, 2016 - Kevin, Jim and Bill attended. We discussed future agendas. One for next month will be getting an Atari 800 simulator running on Windows. Looks like Altirra (v2.70) is the simulator to use, and it's found at It's regularly updated and well supported. Bring your laptops with Altimira installed and let's see if we can solve any problems people have with it. Check out other 8-bit emulators on our Projects page. Several of us attended the Vintage Computer Show West, but there weren't any Atari systems displayed.

July 2016 - Kevin, Robbie, Jim and Bill attended. We discussed the Atari Party 2016 (July 30, 2016) and Vintage Computer Show West (Aug 6-7, 2016). Robbie brought his Compaq Portable computer & we tried to see why the hard drive couldn't be accessed. Jim won the door prize.

June 2016 - Kevin, Bob and Bill attended. Kevin brought a bag of giveaways for the raffle.

May 2016 - Even more modest attendance than last month. It was reported that Jim, Kevin and Bob attended.

April 2016 - Modest attendance, Robbie, Kevin, Bill and Jim, for the 3rd time in four months, winning the door prize of a two usb car hub (plugs into a cigarette lighter). Tonight was nostalgia night with TRS-80 Model IV making an appearance. Tried to load an educational program from the tape-based data device, without success. Talked about going to the Atari Party July 30, 2016 in Davis and the Vintage Computer Show West at the computer Museum in Mountain View, scheduled for Sat.-Sun. August 6-7. Details on our Facebook Page.

March 2016 - Much better turnout This month. Rob, Kevin, Robbie, Bob, Jim and Bill attended. Jim won the door prize, a 2800 ma portable USB power source. Rob showed his game programming skills working on an 8 bit Atari game with a Python-powered assembler editor. An 810 floppy drive was operated on and a very rare Atari PS3000 (at least I think that's what it was with an Atari Logo on it) VGA Monitor-Floppy Drive Drive combo was examined. Upcoming SF Bay Area Atari events were discussed and noted on our FaceBook Page. Couple 1991 era SLCC newsletters were reviewed. Possibility they might be provided (scanned) for the web site.

February 2016 - Due to vacations, only Robbie and Jim attended. Next month looks much better

January 2016 - Rob McMullen from the Player/Missile Podcast attended (photos on Facebook page). Bob took a look at Rob's 1200XL that needed some work. Robbie told us about his Alaskan vacation. Bill showed a $40 "Atari Flashback 6" device with 100 games found at Bed Bath and Beyond. Jim won the power strip door prize. More detail and a photo on FB.

December 2015 - New member Howard attended, Kevin won the door prize (a generous gift certificate), several played Bob's Threshold game (on an Atari 800), determined that Bill's Atari 800 needed a keyboard cleaning, assessed Kevin's Atari 130XE (it worked well) and discussed possible future meeting topics.