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Atari 815 Disk DrivesAtari 815 dual, dbl density floppy drive, Nov 3, 2015 mtg. Very Rare, Bob W.
3 Atari Computers 3 Atari computers brought to Dec. 1, 2015 mtg, two Atari 800, 1 Atari 130XE

Who We Are

We are the San Leandro Computer Club. Started in 1983 as an Atari 800 Computer User Group. We are one of the older, continuing computer user groups in the Bay Area. We meet at the San Leandro Public Library, 300 Estudillo Ave, San Leandro, California, on the first Tuesday of the month, at 7pm.

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Atari 800 and Joystick
Atari 800 brought to the Dec. 6, 2011 Mtg.

Group Selphie Sep 2015
Atari 1200, brought to the May 6, 2014 Mtg.
Atari 800
Selfie from the
Sept. 1, 2015 Mtg






These are projects our group is taking on. The first will be Atari 8 Bit Emulation, mainly for PC and Mac computers. 8 Bit Atari computers include: 400/800. 600XL/800XL, 65XE/130XE

Atari 8 Bit Emulation

There are several 8 Bit machine emulators for Win and OSX machines. This project will explore what's available and what works. We don't endorse these products, but just want to understand and test them out.

  1. Altirra 2.80 for Win/Linux -
    Install Instructions
    OS Roms
  2. Atari ++ Win-
  3. Atari800 3.1 Win -
  4. Atari800 WinPlus 4.1 Win -
  5. Atari A8E Emulator Win from Germany, Needs Runtime pkg -
  6. 4.6 OSX (Mac) -